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It hurts Doesn’t it ? Sitting in your dark room, complete silence, your whole family in bed. You Just sitting there, crying. No not crying bawling your eyes out. Just wondering what you done wrong. You gave it your everything right? You said nice stuff to him everyday, you made him laugh, you didn’t talk to other guys, you looked pretty just for him, you were the perfect girlfriend right? But now he’s off with another girl, it breaks your heart Doesn’t it. It has your face down in your pillow staining it with your dark black mascara, you are trying to catch your breath but not be loud so you don’t wake your family up. You have your phone clenched in your hand wanting a text from him apologizing for everything he’s said or done to you. But its not gonna happen, thats the bad part. He’s not gonna even look at your number in his phone, but you, you are re-reading old messages, looking at pictures of you two, & remembering those good times you had. It hurts doesn’t it ?

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Parts of me want to already forget you and the other parts are wishing you are missing me as I miss you.

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I’m trying to forget you, but I’m also waiting for you to come back.
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